What Do People in Parisian Suburbs Think About the French Election?

The scandal and political infighting of this year’s French election has been the main focus of the media for the past few months.

That’s why two journalists Oliver Gee and Martin Pollard decided to skip reporting on the candidates for a moment and instead talk to the people who their policies will actually affect.


In a segment from The Local Europe, Gee and Pollard interviewed people from the Parisian suburb Aulnay-sous-Bois, which has recently been in the news for being the site for major protests against police brutality, after a young man was beaten and sodomized by a policeman in the suburb.

The view from the suburb is that no matter what candidate wins, not much will change for them.

“Those who were born here, who grew up here, feel marginalized,” said one interviewee.

“I think that the candidates don’t care much about Aulnay-sous-Bois,” said another.

Watch the interviews to learn more about what actual French people think about the upcoming election.