Paul Taylor Provides an Inside Look at What It’s Like to Attend the Césars

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Dressed in Uniqlo and Hugo Boss, riding in a Renault, comedian Paul Taylor arrived at the César Film Awards on February 28, 2020.

A British expat living in France, Taylor, known for his videos on Canal+ making fun of French culture (What the F*** France?!and stereotypes (Stereotrip), landed a ticket to one of the most exclusive annual events in France, thanks to Renault for whom he made a video.

He walks the red carpet, laments not recognizing any of the celebrities (“if you spot anyone famous, leave their names and what they do in the comments down below”), and enjoys the pre-show bar.

The moment when Polanski won Best Director was included, but you can’t see much except a few heads turning to the side to glance at what we know is an actress, a director, and a film crew leaving the ceremony.

Taylor’s summary of the show is similar to those of many French industry members — it’s too long. “Three and a half hours without a pee break,” he complains, walking the red carpet out. “No adverts like there is in the US with the Oscars. They get to go out, have some more drinks, and go for a piss. We didn’t.”

Watch his full experience with the César Film Awards below.

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