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Check Out this Parkour on Parisian Rooftops

A group of people standing on top of a building

Not everyone believes rooftops are just for covering buildings. Some people choose to see them, instead, as floors.

In this stunning GoPro video of Parisian rooftops, Stéphane Girondeaud of STEPHANACTION performs an incredible display of Parkour. What many people don’t know is that the non-combative martial art is actually a French invention. In the 1980s, French actor and stunt coordinator David Belle began developing the sport as a gimmick for action scenes in film. He had been inspired by the teachings of his father, Raymond Belle, whose free-form obstacle course training in the French Army became the foundation for the sport.

The name “Parkour” actually comes from the French parcours du combattant, which means “obstacle course.” The sport encourages the goal of getting from one place to another in the most creative way possible, by jumping, rolling, climbing, and other athletic stunts. And Stéphane isn’t alone in his game — watch to the end of the video for a surprise guest.

Don’t forget to turn on your subtitles for all English-speakers!

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