Parisians Hate Supermarkets… Except This One

The French are notoriously resistant to perceived attacks on their way of life, whether they be shops open on Sundays, fast food, or actually having to work during the months of July and August.

But one of the big harbingers of controversy in France on a cultural level has been the advent of supermarkets. While ones like Monoprix and Franprix can be spotted on every street corner in Paris, many Parisians object to the large chain stores, fearing a drop in quality and an increase in prices.


Enter La Grande Epicerie, a supermarket explicitly designed for French people who hate supermarkets. Located in the bourgeois Parisian neighborhood of Passy, the store has been painstakingly curated, both in terms of aesthetic and merchandise, to be a stunning haven for foodies. The emphasis is on fresh produce and an almost limitless number of options. So if you’ve got a little extra cash and you’re looking to prepare something a little out of the ordinary, this might be your new spot for one-stop shopping in Paris.