Leaves over Beans, Parisian Tea Please!

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With the same caffeine boost as coffee, tea has the added benefit of antioxidants that keep you calm and alert – without staining your teeth! This is why Parisians have integrated the British tradition for all crises: Tea Time!

Unlike coffee, which is standard brewed, tea comes in a cornucopia of flavors, colors and types.  These tea cafés provide not only the classics, but exotic new selections and hand-crafted blends, while talented “Baristeas” have mastered the delicate arts of temperature, ratio, time and ambiance.

Where to Brew:

Kodama is one of the newest tea cafés in Paris. This cute nook is all charm – decorated with rainbow brews in glass jars, a flock of paper swans and retro furniture. Newbies and tea-lovers alike will be satisfied by the wide range of classic and exotic brews, which are also available chilled.

Photo by Anne Loupy

Merci is beloved not only for tea, but the floor-to-ceiling wall of used books for sale. In addition to sipping down their delicious House Iced Tea (Thè glace à Maison) I had my head tilted back reading the many book jacket titles.  Try the House Iced Tea (Thè Glace à Maison), sweetened by fresh orange and apple slices and a sprig of mint. The gourmet granola bowl is also deliciously indulgent. Keep Calm and Read On.

Finally, we would be remiss to talk about tea without mentioning The Grande Mosquée de Paris. Visitors to this relaxed Latin Quarter Mosque are welcome to stay for tea, or more substantial refreshments in the restaurant. Meander through the keyhole entrance to a secret terrace brightly colored with blue tiles and furniture.  There’s no better place to sit and sip traditional mint tea than beneath the tree in the sunshine, watching birds hop from branch to branch.  Since when did espresso offer such refreshment for the soul?

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