Paris Tries To Cut Back On Air Pollution

Air pollution in Paris is the worst it has been in 10 years. Each day the French capital wakes up covered in a blanket of smog, and Parisians are working together to get the air clear again.

Paris isn’t the only French city currently from air pollution. Because of the cold winter and windless weather conditions, combined with an increase of wood fires for warmth in more rural areas of France and vehicle exhaust, many parts of France are trying to cut back on driving.


To fight the pollution, all public transportation is free in the central city of Paris to encourage people not to drive. Not only that, but authorities have begun enforcing a rule that only cars with odd-numbered registrations are allowed to drive within the city, cutting the amount of vehicles in half.

The Eiffel Tower pokes out of the smog, and even though visibility is low because of the poor air quality, Paris is still as beautiful as it always is.

See the city’s efforts to cut back on air pollution: