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Paris Implements Emergency Measures to Combat Heatwave

A view of a city

There’s a reason Parisians are known for exiting the city en masse during the hotter months in favor of Nice or Biarritz, but this year, things have gotten a little extreme.

A canicule, or heat wave, has Parisians expecting temperatures of over 100°F. And in a city with little AC and a large population, this means that extreme measures need to be taken. The city is implementing “cool rooms” around Paris, or air conditioned spaces that will be open to the public, and many parks and pools are staying open 24/7 to allow people places to avoid sweltering streets and stuffy apartments. Across France, emergency accommodations are being made for homeless people, some of the most vulnerable in these situations. And nurseries and other childcare centers are being equipped with special protections like blackout curtains to keep France’s young safe from the heat.

So if you happen to be in France, take a dip, bring a picnic, and be prepared for hot days ahead.

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