Paris Joins In Worldwide Women’s March

Joining in with millions of women worldwide, Parisians marched across the Atlantic in the Women’s March on January 21, voicing their dissent of American President Donald Trump who was inaugurated the day before.

The Women’s March on Washington was organized mere days after the November 8th election in the United States by activists Tamika MalloryCarmen Perezand Linda Sarsour. Set for Washington DC, the organizers also opened the invitation to women around the country and around the world to join in marching in their own cities. The response on January 21 was way larger than anyone could have anticipated. Over 500,000 women gathered in Washington DC and in Paris, over 4,000, according to the events Facebook page.


In Paris, while marching from Trocadero to the peace symbol at the Champ de Mars, women voiced their dissent of the new American president, while also voicing their solidarity and the empowerment they felt at being part of such a huge worldwide movement of women.

Hear from some of the women who joined in the Women’s March in Paris: