Oh La La: a Video a Day to learn French the Fun Way

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Let’s face it: your French teacher lied. No one says puis-je or zut alors in real life, and the only place you can order a tartine seems to be Le Pain Quotidien. Dieu merci, your antidote to fusty French has arrived in the form of a hot new video series called Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French! produced by French Morning and Open Style Productions.
If you’re thinking of the 80s PBS classic French in Action, think again. Oh La La, Hollywood Speaks French! is a sexy, zany and witty take on love and life featuring two mademoiselles who you’ll want as your BFFFs (best French friends forever). Soso, a lovely but down-on-her-luck divorcée crashes with her fun-loving sister Lili in Los Angeles for episode upon episode of misadventures. Oh, and did we mention the entire thing is in French?
No matter what your level of French is — from beginner all the way up to expert — the natural, native banter will help you learn and keep up a French that’s alive, contemporary and utterly useable. Your listening comprehension and pronunciation are bound to improve, and English subtitles will ensure you won’t miss a single joke or plot twist.
Subscribing to the videos is easy: sign up and you’ll receive a short vignette every day featuring Soso and Lili via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Each week of videos has a theme, ( for example, Introducing Oneself and Someone Else, Talking About Family, Talking About Dating) and each daily video focuses on a conversation related to the weekly theme.
What are you waiting for? Click here to sign up tout de suite:Email  Twitter  Facebook
Oh La La Video 1
Oh La La Video 2
Oh La La Video 3
Oh La La Video 4
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Oh La La Video 6


Oh La La Video 7


Oh La La Video 8


Oh La La Video 9


Oh La La Video 10


Oh La La Video 11


Oh La La Video 12


Oh La La Video 13


Oh La La Video 14


 Oh La La Video 15 


Oh La La Video 16


Oh La La Video 17


Oh La La Video 18


 Oh La La Video 19


Oh La La Video 20


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