Odezenne Collabs With Director Arthur Muller On Europe’s Refugee Crisis

The French band Odezenne is known for creating music that reflects the political climate. Now, they’re taking on the refugee crisis in Europe.

In collaboration with French Director Arthur Muller, the group of musicians from Bordeaux created a music video for their song “Chimpanzé” which takes you to Lesbos, where refugees from the Middle East are gathered, fleeing from conflict in their home countries. The video shows their faces, their families, their joy and sadness in the temporary state that they have been forced to live in. Then it pans to the anti-migrant border that is being built along the edges of the European Union.

The stark contrast of refugees dressed in colorful t-shirts, shorts and scarves, against the barbed wire and riot-gear wearing border patrol police is a haunting image. Accompanied by the soft, yet powerful music of Odezenne it shows exactly what the group is trying to say.

The song is from Odezenne’s new EP, Rien. Accompanying the songs on the EP are mini documentary style music videos that highlight relevant political issues going on in France and around the world.

Watch the music video for “Chimpanzé”:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89XkItqHFRM&w=560&h=315]

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