Notre-Dame Cathedral Hosts First Mass Since Fire in April

“It’s a small ray of hope… to see a mass celebrated today at the cathedral.”

The last two months have been a struggle for the city of Paris, the global Catholic community, and architecture lovers all over the world as they have struggled to reconcile with the aftermath of the Notre Dame fire back in April. Much of the cathedral was destroyed in the conflagration, and despite French president Emmanuel Macron’s ambitious plans for a speedy rebuilding, the process of healing has been understandably slow. This weekend, a gaggle of hard-hatted priests held the first mass in the church since the fire. Though it was closed to the public due to safety concerns, the mass was streamed live across the world.


No one can say how long it will take before regular masses can again be held in the Notre Dame de Paris, but at least this one shows that France is committed to reclaiming its favorite church as soon as possible.