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Emmanuel Macron is Elected President of France

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Centrist Emmanuel Macron has beaten right-wing nationalist Marine Le Pen to become the next president of the French Republic.

When the results were announced at 8:00pm in Paris (2:00pm EST), initial estimates indicated that Macron received 65.1% of the vote, and Le Pen the other 34.9%. A final tally by the Minister of the Interior has put Macron at 65.68% and Le Pen at 34.32%.

Having won a majority, Macron, representing his party En Marche! (“Let’s go!”), will be inaugurated in the Elysée Palace before May 15th.

The most recent polling averages before the second round of voting were mostly correct. Macron slightly outperformed his estimated 62%, and Le Pen slightly underperformed her estimated 38%.

Featured image: Stock Photos from Frederic Legrand – COMEO/Shutterstock

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