New Jersey Sign Washes Up on Bordeaux Beach

A close up of a sandy beach

Six years ago, Hurricane Sandy wrought havoc all along the New Jersey shoreline in the northeastern portion of the US. Many homes were destroyed, pieces of them devoured forever by the Atlantic Ocean.

But one curious relic of this terrible event surfaced a couple of weeks ago… 3,595 miles from where it started out. A real estate sign owned by Diane Turton Realtors was washed away in 2012 and reappeared just now off the coast of Bordeaux in France. The mangled sign struck the fancy of a passing tourist, who tracked down the sign’s owners and reached out to them about the bizarre occurrence.

According to oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer, five or six years is far too long for a sign to make the trans-Atlantic journey. Ebbesmeyer thinks the sign must have gotten caught in currents that swirled it between the two coasts two or three times, explaining the sign’s state of disrepair.

All this goes to show, it’s a small world after all. And even real estate signs are trying to fit in a little French vacation.

A close up of a sign


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A close up of a sign

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