Muslim Women Talk About the Burkini Ban

“France is causing society to talk about Muslims versus non-Muslims.”

After several French cities have banned women from wearing burkinis, the full body swimsuits that many Muslim women wear for modesty, much of the Muslim community and women all over the world are in an outrage. A French court later ruled the ban to be illegal, but the damage has still been done: women feel as if they cannot wear what they would like to the beach. Not only that, but many believe France has shown its true colors when it comes to Islamophobia.


While the burkini is worn by many Muslim women, in appearance it doesn’t look much different from a wetsuit, which has not been banned. Nor has wearing a nun’s habit or other Catholic religious attire to the beach.

The Huffington Post interviewed a group of British Muslim women to see what they had to say about the burkini ban.

“The fact that the burkini has become a symbol of terror just makes it seem as if it’s OK to think that all Muslim people are terrorists,” said Asma Elbadawi.

Watch the video to hear what Muslim women think of the burkini ban: