Miss Ko: an East Asian Daydream in the Heart of Paris

When dining out in Paris, you have your pick of traditional restaurants outfitted with white tablecloths and the best foie gras you’ve ever had. But here’s another option: dive head-first into Philippe Starck’s interpretation of psychedelic Asia just a stone’s throw from the bustling Champs Elysées.

Miss Ko is the type of restaurant where, ten minutes in, you could find yourself forgetting where in the world you are in the literal, geographical sense. The décor is a blend of Asian kitsch and modern wonderland. Imagine walking down the street in Kowloon –- in your dreams. Music blasts and chopsticks click in a world of dimmed lights and parasol lanterns.


The food comes almost as an afterthought with the server pulling you out of your far East daydream to ask what you’ve chosen. And choice there is. Burgers are given the ramen or bibimbap treatment, and a large portion of the menu is made up of extravagant sushi roll creations, the kind encountered more often in Vegas than in Paris. Technicolor cocktails pair up with the food to create a spread that looks more Sailor Moon than Hokusai. Miss Ko is that place, the one that’s packed every day of the week, the one you go to for fun with friends and fun with food making for plenty of Instagram photo ops.