Military Band Plays Daft Punk Medley at Bastille Day Parade

French President Emmanuel Macron’s face lit up with joy when a French military marching band at the Bastille Day parade began playing a mashup of Daft Punk songs.

American President Donald Trump, who attended the parade with First Lady Melania, looked less pleased. While Macron went along for this musical ride with a huge grin on his face, Trump looked more… bored.

But perhaps it’s just because he doesn’t understand the significance that Daft Punk holds for the French. An electronic dance duo made up of two French guys who constantly wear robot-like chrome helmets, Daft Punk rose through the ranks, from making popular house music in France to being Grammy award winners and known by everyone around the world for their song, “Get Lucky.” Some of the crowds in the stands were dancing in the seats, the military officials clapping along in their white gloves—everyone loves Daft Punk!

And perhaps they’re a favorite of Macron’s, which is maybe why the military band decided to do that particular medley. Either way, it was pretty awesome. The medley followed a brief, solemn moment in remembrance of the victims of the Nice terrorist attack one year ago on Bastille Day. Check out the mashup in the video above.