Meet the Youth Voting for the Far Right in France

The first round of voting for the French presidential election is looming, and on April 23rd, we will know who the top two running for president will be.

Marine Le Pen, leader of the far right party the Front National, is expected to be one of the top two. With her anti-immigration, anti-globalization policy plans, the world currently wondering if France will have a Donald-Trump-like president come May.


But the case of Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen are quite different. One of the things that separates them the most is their electorate. In the U.S. Trump gained much of the white, working class vote, and Clinton ultimately did better with millennials. But in France, Le Pen is working to get a much larger vote, one that includes millennials.

Because of the high rate of unemployment in France, especially among youth, Le Pen has been able to win over many younger voters. Not only that, but scandals within what’s known as the “political class” (cough, cough, François Fillon) has young people disillusioned about politics. But instead of going toward a Bernie Sanders-like candidate, young people are turning towards the FN.

The BBC decided to see what draws young people to Le Pen and interviewed some of the far right’s youngest leaders.