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Meet My Job: Connect with French Artisans

A close up of a piece of metal pan

From cuisine to clothing, French artisans are known for their savoir faire. So on your next trip to France, rather than simply shopping for the wares of local professionals, why not go a step further and meet them in person? Meet My Job lets you get your hands dirty with truffle diggers, punch clay with ceramists, and learn to crank out the perfect “express” with Parisian baristas.

Founder Helene Quaniaux  had the idea for Meet My Job while strolling through her native countryside after a family reunion. As she enjoyed the simple pleasure of watching the harvest underway, she realized she longed to meet the farmers at work and wondered whether others might not also appreciate the opportunity.

Thanks to Quaniaux, any adventurous soul can now sign up for a workshop with a real French artisan. It all starts with a simple search on the sleek and easy-to-use website. Choose your language preference (French or English), locality, schedule and group size and see what pops up. Options appear with workshop titles, a thumbnail of the artisan and prices clearly marked in Euros.

A quick search for 2 English speakers within the coming month reveals a healthy selection of participants in and around Paris, Lyon and Southern France (macaron-making, anyone?). If you’re courageous with your French, though, and have a broader time-frame in mind, the choices are seemingly endless with anyone from blacksmiths and watch-makers to magicians and donkey farmers ready to share the tricks of their trades.

Visit the website to find your French dream job.

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