Massive Train Strikes Derail Paris Commuters

Rush hour in Paris is never fun, but this week it got a little more intense than usual.

In opposition to French president Emmanuel Macron’s plans to implement large-scale transportation reform in France, rail workers at the state-run SNCF have gone on strike to make their voices heard. Only 1 in 4 trains are running this week in the Paris region, and no one is entirely sure which trains will be affected over the next couple of weeks. RER lines are expected to be down at various extents, and any travelers to the Paris region are being advised to postpone their trips if possible. International trains have been completely disrupted.


Air France employees are also jumping on this strike, despite their lack of connection to the Macron reforms the SNCF is fighting against. (The workers striking want a 6% pay raise.) Air France is expecting to operate only 75% of its flights through the coming weekend, further disrupting travel into and around Paris this month.