Mashable Creates Twitter Memorial for Victims of the Paris Attacks


Mashable has created a memorial for the modern age, profiling each of the victims of the Friday the 13th Paris attacks on a special Twitter account, @ParisVictims.

Named “En Mémoire,” the account has posted pictures of the 130 victims of the attacks, along with 140-character snapshots of who they were and what they were like.“I don’t want to lose sight of the human dimension,” Jim Roberts, Mashable’s executive editor, told France 24.

Despite the brevity of the Twitter obituaries, the humanity of it all still shines through. One post, on the day of what would have been the victim’s 26th birthday, shows Chloe Boissinot with a pint glass hoisted to her mouth, staring straight into the camera and very much alive.

The victims are overwhelmingly depicted with smiles on their faces, frozen in the middle of a life in motion.

Roberts said that the response to the project has been “overwhelming positive.”

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