Marie Antoinette in Modern Day New York

Sticking to French style trends doesn’t always necessarily mean keeping up with what Charlotte Gainsbourg and Vanessa Paradis are doing.

Some fans of French fashion are more keen on deep pulls. One example is Lauren Rossi, a New Yorker who abandoned her dreams of costume design for a cushy corporate job. But a few years in, she began to get a little restless. Then, Rossi had the fateful opportunity to attend a yearly ball held at Versailles, where the gates are closed to the public and history buffs roam the halls in period-appropriate attire.


Rossi’s obsession with 18th-century French fashion has led her to devote all of her free time to concocting exquisite gowns reminiscent of Marie Antoinette and her lavishly clad court, proving that some fashion quirks have staying power that can funnel through the imaginations of generations. To follow her latest exploits, find Rossi on Instagram as the charmingly cheeky @virtuouscourtesan.