How To Make Vegan Crêpes

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Vegan restaurants are hard to find in France. The French are pretty dedicated to dairy products and while veganism may have taken off as a bit of a trend in the U.S., vegan cheese just doesn’t satisfy French people in the same way that a nice Camembert does.

Traveling as a vegan in France may be difficult and restrict you to eating only fruits and veggies (It’s even hard to travel in France as a vegetarian since French cuisine includes a lot of mean dishes, although there are more French vegetarians than there used to be), but it is still possible to enjoy the delights of French cuisine as a vegan! It just takes a bit of extra work, and some special ingredients like cocunut oil and chickpea juice.

The vegan food vlogger, Vegan Encounters, has revamped the classic French crêpe recipe into a vegan dish, complete with whipped cream filling and a chocolate drizzle. A non-vegan would never even know the difference!

Check out the recipe:


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