How to Make a French Martini Cocktail

Did you know that the French Martini isn’t actually French?

I guess it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise, since a more typical French drink would be a simple glass of fine wine. The French martini was actually invented in New York City in the 1980’s at one of Keith McNally’s bars.

Still, the martini is known worldwide and enjoyed everywhere for it’s fruity flavors. Though there are several variations on the drink, the most common is a mixture of 3 parts pineapple juice, 2 parts vodka, and 1 part raspberry liqueur.  The reason it’s called a French Martini is because of the raspberry liqueur which (if it’s the good stuff like Chambord) is a product of France.

Don’t have the raspberry liqueur? Then you should definitely pick some up. It’s a worthy investment because there are ton of things you can make with it!

Drink in style and check out this easy recipe for a French Martini, and make it a little more french with a cheese platter!


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