Understanding the Surprising Success of En Marche!

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It seems the French people have decided to vote against the establishment once again.

Not only did Emmanuel Macron surprise everyone by winning the French presidential election with his own newly established party En Marche!, but now his new party has done surprisingly well in the legislative elections.

Yesterday, on June 11, French people headed to the polls for a second time, to vote in the legislative election which determines how the new French government will be made up. This election was extremely important for Macron. If the opposition parties won most of the seats in the French parliament, then he would have had a hard time achieving any of his goals.

Based on the results from 86 percent of France’s 577 districts, it’s likely that En Marche! will receive 28 percent of the votes for the National Assembly. For a party that was established a little over a year ago, that is a huge success. If Macron’s party takes between 390 and 430 seats in the parliament as polls predict he will, it will give the party the largest National Assembly majority in the history of the Fifth Republic.

Learn more about what this win means for the future of French politics in the video above.

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