Macron and Trudeau Prepare for Trump at the G7

It’s one bromance against another. French president Emmanuel Macron and Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau have publicly discussed how best to approach the sometimes volatile American president Donald Trump. Trump recently went on a Twitter tirade against Trudeau and Macron over recent trade tariffs which the two Francophone leaders set in response to Trump’s tariffs on goods from their countries.


“Perhaps Trump doesn’t mind he’s being isolated today, but for us here, it matters,” said Macron at a joint press conference with Trudeau ahead of the conference which begins June 8. Both leaders underlined that even though there will be differences in perspectives, the G7 is a time to refocus on commonalities. Traditionally, the seven countries sign a “communiqué,” a joint statement about what the countries agreed upon during the talks.

Trudeau, hosting the talks, chose to make climate change and the environment a key part of this meeting of world leaders. Trump’s policies have worked to roll back environmental protections and he chose to depart the Paris Climate Accords last June. The White House has said Trump plans to leave early, before the sessions on climate change and the environment take place on Saturday afternoon.