Macron Responds to the Brexit Deal Getting Voted Down

When your garage is on fire, sometimes it’s nice to know that your neighbor’s house is already a pile of ash. (Morbid, but you get the point.)

With the gilets jaunes raging just outside his doors, French president Emmanuel Macron weighed in on this week’s Brexit news at a town hall address in Normandy. Normandy has a particular interest in Brexit because it’s home to a large fishing industry, which could suffer under the Brexit deal because France and Britain have to share the water, the Channel, between them.


British Prime Minister Theresa May’s controversial Brexit deal was rejected this week in “the UK’s worst parliamentary defeat in history.” May is left with, as Macron notes, three options: continue the exit without a deal, beg the European Union to renegotiate their terms, or ask for an extension until they figure out how in the world to handle their impossible situation.

Macron capped off his speech with an anti-referendum spiel, denouncing the influence over referendums by outside sources and fake news. So let’s hope his ‘grand debate’ goes better than Britain’s referendum did.