Macron Proposes an Alternative to Trump’s Plan for The Iran Deal

This week, after an eventful stay at the White House, French president Emmanuel Macron has revealed himself to be a more clever diplomat than he has previously let on.

Often called the “Trump whisperer” of world politicians, the leader of France has embarked on a delicate and skillful manipulation of US president Donald Trump. By treating Trump more like a bro than the leader of the free world, Macron has begun to subtly influence the president’s decisions regarding international relations, such as his recent success in convincing Trump to limit airstrike on Syria.


The recent hot topic up for debate? Former US president Barack Obama’s Iran Nuclear Accords, which is up for renewal May 12th. Trump seems about ready to throw the entire agreement out, given his disdain for any and all Obama-era policies. But Macron resists this idea, saying, “It sets a terrible precedent for the world’s leading power to renege on an agreement that it spearheaded and signed.” Instead of nixing the bill or renewing it full stop, he is suggesting a new bill—one that happens to list adherence to the original bill as its primary pillar. He is also suggesting three new additions to the agreement, to address issues that were less pressing when Obama was still in office.

We shall see how well President Macron’s guiding hand leads the US’s actions, but for now the odds look promising.