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Emmanuel Macron Encourages European Investment In Greece

On a recent trip to Greece, French president Emmanuel Macron addressed the complicated situation of Greece’s financial stability.

This past year, a Chinese company purchased 51% of the Port of Piraeus, a crucial port in Athens that will provide the company with direct access to Southern Europe and the Balkans. In response to this, Macron called this week for more European investment in Greece, in order to avoid the country relying too heavily on superpowers like China in order to pay back their debt to the EU. But these were not simply empty words to Macron, who threw his own hat into the ring by arriving in Greece with a company of 40 French businessmen.

“It is important not only for Greece, it is important for Europe,” Greek Prime Minister Tsipras said of Macron’s proposed European investment in the Mediterranean nation. “The final end of the Greek crisis will signal Europe’s passage into a new era of less uncertainty.”

Greece, which has spent the last seven years making moves towards the privatisation of several state assets, intends to exit its bailout from the European Union by August of next year, according to Prime Minister Tsipras.

Watch this video for more information on France’s engagement in the Greece bailout.

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