Macron Defends Trump on Paris Accord Decision

French President Emmanuel Macron gave his first interview on an American news network this month, with the aim of talking about climate change, Jerusalem, and President Donald Trump. As usual, he was polite, articulate, and politically correct… perhaps to a fault.

While Macron stated that he felt Trump’s decision to name Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was “a mistake,” he had few other negative things to say about the U.S. president. He said that the two have a “very good personal relationship” and speak on the phone often.


Perhaps the most shocking part of the interview, however, was the French president’s refusal to condemn Trump fully for pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord. “He took a commitment during his campaign… I do respect him, and I do respect his decision. So, I’m not saying that he doesn’t understand and doesn’t share the analysis, but [he] just took a political commitment.”

What ever happened to the Macron who got into a passive-aggressive handshake to the death with the man he now speaks so kindly of? We’ll have to wait and see if Macron can hold onto his politesse as the political stakes of French-U.S. relations heighten over climate change.