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Macron and Arnold Schwarzenegger Talk Climate

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Last Friday, French President Emmanuel Macron had a surprising visitor at the Élysée Palace.

Former California governor (also known as the Governator) Arnold Schwarzenegger visited Macron for an hour-long discussion on climate change, and the importance of continuing the Paris Climate Agreement, despite Donald Trump’s announcement that the United States would be withdrawing from the agreement.

In a snapchat video that Schwarzenegger posted on his Twitter, he and Macron looked like buddies, and Macron had the chance to use his “Make the planet great again,” slogan, in a continuation of his constant trolling of Trump’s position on climate change.

In a press conference after their meeting, Schwarzenegger said they had a wonderful discussion and stressed the importance of working together.

“We all breathe the same air,” said Schwarzenegger.

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