Los Angeles: Don’t Miss a Week of Free French Language Films

French film buffs, hold on to your berets: starting on Monday, March 16th the 6th edition of the Week of French Language Cinema is on at the Lycée Français of Los Angeles. Each night at the Raymond Kabbaz theater on the French Lycée campus, Angelinos can view great French language film absolutely free of charge.

The program includes movies from Belgium, Ivory Coast, Canada, Switzerland and France. It’s just one of many events organized during  the Semaine de la Francophonie — a week-long celebration of French. Two receptions will also take place at the opening and closing screenings. Each evening’s film presentation begins at 7:30pm.

Monday March 16th — Belgium

At 7pm, the Belgian consulate of Los Angeles and TV5 Monde are giving a reception with beer tasting.

“Bowling Killers”  (running time 10 minutes): Steve Driesen, Gérald Wauthia and David Leclercq star in this short comedy in which Tony and Simon are two bowling champions and hired killers when they need to be. As a crucial game draws near, they also have a contract to fulfill.

Les ames de paper (running time, 90 minutes): Julie Gayet and Stéphane Guillon star in this film about Paul, a loner who spends his days writing funeral speeches. His life gets interesting when he meets Emma, a recent widow, who asks him to talk to her son about his deceased father. The film won best screenplay at the Stony Brook film festival in 2014.

Tuesday, March 17th — Ivory Coast

Aya de Yopougon (running time 84 minutes): Marguerite Abouet and Cément Oubrerie star in this feature-length animated film inspired by the Aya of Yop City comic strip. 19-year-old Aya is trying to help her pregnant friend. The film was nominated for best animated feature at the 2014 César awards.

Wednesday, March 18th — Canada

Félix and Meira (running time 105 minutes): Hadas Yaron, Martin Dubreuil and Luzer Twersky star in this film about a young Orthodox jewish woman living in Montreal. She is married and has one child, and one day she meets Felix who has no ties at all. He is in mourning, and she is bored. Together, they’ll rediscover a taste of freedom. Winner of the best Canadian film awards at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.

Thursday, March 19th — Switzerland

“Le Doigt d’honneur” (running time 15 minutes): Viviana Aliberti, Julien George and Michel Rossy star in a story of two brothers and a sister at their father’s funeral. As they try in vain to remove the dead man’s ring, they take the occasion to settle old scores. Winner of the audience choice award at the Brussels Short Film Festival, 2014. Director Malika Pellicioli will be present during the screening.

Left Foot Right Foot (running time 105 minutes): Agathe Schlenker, Nahuel Pérez Biscayart and Dimitri Stapfer star in the story of a 19-year-old prostitute’s coming of age. Winner of an honorable mention at the Palm Springs International Film Festival. (Not recommended for viewers under the age of 18.)

Friday, March 20th — Quebec

Les Maîtres du Suspense (running time 90 minutes): Michel Côté, Romain Aubet and Antoine Bertrand. Successful author Hubert Wolfe has writer’s block and turns to a ghost-writer for help. As it happens, even the ghost-writer’s well of inspiration is dry and he looks to yet another for help. That’s when things really get complicated.

Saturday March 21st — France

A closing reception with wine tasting will begin at 7pm.

“Sweet Cocoon” (running time 6 minutes): A short animated film has two insects interacting with a caterpillar who is struggling with metamorphosis.

Respire (running time 91 minutes): Joséphine Lapy and Lou de Lâage star in actress/director Mélanie Laurent’s latest film. Inspired by a novel by Anne-Sophie Brasme, it’s the story of the evolution of a relationship between two young women from friendship to obsession.

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