Looking to make the Most of a Season “At Home” with your Child?

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[Sponsored content] Looking to make the Most of a Season “At Home” with your Child? Le Petit Jardin’s Virtual French Preschool has a delightfully BIG idea!

Research shows that the human brain is best et up for language learning during the first five years of life! Le Petit Jardin knows that young children are the most effortless “decoders” on the planet by inherent nature! It’s literally what they were ‘born’ to do! So why not seize the moment and start their language learning journey now?

OK, but what’s all the fuss over being bilingual anyway? Isn’t regular preschool enough? 

Studies also show that children who have experiences in multiple languages and cultures have

– advanced learning ability
– elevated problem-solving skills
– greater empathy
– heightened cultural awareness
– more global opportunities

Ok, I get it! But who do I turn to for this type of Language Immersion during a time when it often seems safer to be “at home” with my young child?

With over a decade spent teaching young children in the preschool setting, the teaching team at Le Petit Jardin are pros at engaging and entertaining little ones and piquing their interests at just the right time to make language-learning fun and relevant! Silly songs and nursery rhymes, interactive games and vibrant expression draw students in and keep them wanting to learn and practice French day after day! 

To enrich the learning options of children and families everywhere, Le Petit Jardin has packaged their vibrant classroom into a fun, interactive ONLINE format! No previous French Language skills required!

With the Le Petit Jardin’s Virtual French Preschool you will:

– Have easy access to a complete French Preschool curriculum all in one place.
– Experience circle time lessons highlighting key vocabulary and learning concepts
– Play interactive & educational games to reinforce language acquisition
– Move and groove to kids’ yoga, dance and sport videos hosted by LPJ staff in both the US and in France!
– Follow along with Cooking videos led by our amazing chefs from France and Canada, allowing kids and caregivers to create a delicious treat together while building on a variety of developmental skills
– Be granted Membership to our Online community of parents, keeping our families engaged/connected/and supportive of one another
– Receive the LPJ ‘Boite Magique’, delivered monthly, that will provide you with all the materials you need to create, explore, and go deeper into the hands-on learning experience of the LPJ curriculum

Wait! LPJ sends ME all the materials I need to do Preschool at home?Mais, Oui! 

Yes, we know, it’s amazing news! Everything you will need to facilitate your child’s preschool learning and developmental growth while incorporating a rich French Immersion experience gets packaged up into a beautiful “Boite Magique” and mailed right to your door. It’s filled with games, art supplies, sensory activities, vibrant flashcards and more!

Ok, I love it! But I’m worried I may not have the time or a flexible enough schedule to make it all come together! 

Le Petit Jardin has truly thought of everything. They know your schedule is busy, and at-home learning can be clumsy sometimes, so they’ve made all of their classes available on demand, allowing you to follow at your child’s individual pace and at your convenience. 

Le Petit Jardin invites you to come and see what it’s all about and make this season a very special one for you  and your child. What better place to plant the seed for a lifetime of priceless benefits than Le Petit Jardin?

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