Live Frenchly Every Month with BLEU BLANC BOX

A novelty box that provides a taste of France for French expats and francophiles abroad.

(Partner article), a media leader in France and abroad, is diversifying to  reach expats and francophiles with BLEU BLANC BOX, a surprise box that allows one to receive a little piece of France abroad each month.

Journalist turned entrepreneur Hervé Heyraud (below), the president-founder of the site, spoke to Frenchly.

Why is launching the BLEU BLANC BOX?

I was an expat for a long time, from Mexico to Bangkok. Like other expats, every time I went back to France, I filled my suitcase with food, books, and cosmetics. Our families, friends, and neighbors wanted the latest French products that weren’t available yet internationally. For our birthdays, we all received cobbled together boxes.

With the BLEU BLANC BOX, every expat and francophile can give themselves a package of nostalgic treats every month.

Hervé Heyraud, founder of Bleu Blanc Box
Hervé Heyraud, founder of Bleu Blanc Box

What will we find in the BLEU BLANC BOX?

Each box is a surprise: a touch of culture (novels, press), food (sweets, condiments, preserves), and beauty/wellness products (soap, skincare creams) from big French brands and regional producers.

It’s the French way of life, in a box.

You are a journalist by training, are you becoming a genuine entrepreneur with this project?

In both mediums, my approach is to support French (and francophiles) abroad. While living in Mexico 15 years ago, I founded Lepetitjournal to provide expats with a real mix of international and local news. Today, we’re present in 60 cities on 5 continents, thanks to a network of franchisees, and we have 600,000 regular readers. knows French Expats’ (and Francophiles’) wants and needs better than anyone.

Now, BLEU BLANC BOX will offer expats and francophiles the flavors of their childhoods or scents of their vacations,  but will also introduce the latest trends.

BLEU BLANC BOX, how does it work?

Want to subscribe and receive the BLEU BLANC BOX every month?  It takes only 4 clicks:

  • Connect on
  • Choose the subscription plan* (1 box, 3 boxes, 6 boxes, or 10 boxes)
  • Choose the desired delivery address (home or work for example)
  • Relax in peace and security

For 5 euros off the price of your first box, use the code: FMBIENVENUE

Offer valid until September 30

I want to give a BLEU BLANC BOX to a friend on the other side of the world: go to, click on the heading “offrir”

BLEU BLANC BOX: 29.90€/month

*Shipping costs: 4.90€ per box

**Cancellable with one click


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