Life Lessons Courtesy of Coco Chanel

“Always dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today.”

These are the immortal words of French fashion icon Coco Chanel. Born in 1883, Chanel started as a costume designer, and became a fashion mogul and worldwide influencer by the time her 50s rolled around. The designer that brought us the Little Black Dress, the Classic Flap Bag, and a perfume named after a very famous number also made a point to write down a few words of wisdom for future fashionistas everywhere. In this video by British Vogue filmed at the fabulous Ritz Hotel in Paris, see the words of Chanel come to life—accompanied, of course, by some dazzling outfits.


Whether you’re looking for advice on life, style, skin care, or strategies of war, look no further. She brought you the House of Chanel. Don’t you trust her to bring you the life you’ve always deserved? You’ll never go wrong as long as you remember: Always keep your heels, head, and standards high.

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