Léman Manhattan: The World’s School in New York

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(Sponsored post) Along with the anticipation and excitement families experience when relocating to a new city comes a myriad of decisions, involving every aspect of daily life.  Perhaps the most important involves where their children will be educated.

Increasingly, families moving from both within the U.S. and abroad are seeking globally minded schools that place an emphasis on cultivating critical thinking skills in children to equip them for success in today’s borderless society.

Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, an independent PreK-12 school located in the heart of Lower Manhattan’s Financial District, is one such school. Léman is the only independent school in Manhattan with established sister campuses in Europe, Asia, Latin America and throughout the United States, and also provides an exceptional 5 day or full-time boarding program – the only one of its kind in New York City.

A Léman education is centered on four key points:  internationalism – where thinking and acting globally is ubiquitous to all grades and content areas; highly personalized learning– in which the faculty cultivates excellence in core competencies customized to each student’s individual academic activities and passions; partnershipsamong students, parents and school which is an integral component of student success; and rigorous academics, in which high expectations yield outstanding results.

Internationalism is embedded in the Léman curriculum, and students are encouraged to learn how the world works both within classroom walls and outside of school grounds. Students are provided with horizon-changing opportunities to collaborate with and learn from their peers at Léman’s sister schools, including year-long projects, debates and travel exchanges.

Léman recently received authorization to award the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, making it one of only three private schools in Manhattan that offer this program, universally recognized by more than 1,800 universities representing 75 countries.

In addition, a personal learning plan is developed for every student beginning in pre-school and assists them as they progress through to 12th grade by focusing on individual student’s strengths, interests and goals.  Each plan has a strong academic emphasis that is data and skill driven and simultaneously engages the student’s personal interests and passions.

This highly personalized approach to learning has a direct impact on students’ study habits, work ethic, standards, ambition, and sense of self-respect. Whether that comes in the form of learning Mandarin, dedicating oneself to becoming an All-American athlete, or pursuing a challenging course load, at the heart of it is a nurturing and collaborative environment.

For more information about day or boarding admissions, please contact by email [email protected] or by phone 212-232-0266.

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