How To Make Moules Marinière

One of the classics of French cuisine, moules marinière were invented back in the thirteenth century, a staple that sailors used to cram their bellies with cheap ingredients that, together, tasted phenomenal.

These marine mussels are a simple affair, but they are sure to impress at any dinner party or cozy night in. Mussels, butter, parsley, garlic, shallots, and white wine (or, traditionally, crème fraîche) are the cornerstone ingredients, and chef Alex Gabriel levels-up this recipe by adding some celery, dried herbs (thyme, bay leaf, rosemary), and heavy cream. Best of all, the whole thing is a one-pot dish. Simply heat the pot to medium-high, and slowly add in the ingredients, stirring all the while. You’ll be done in twenty minutes, and all you have to do is toast some baguette and use it to sop up all that juicy, delicious sauce left over.


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