How to Introduce Yourself in Formal and Informal French

You may have spent your whole life studying French, but sometimes it all comes down to that first point of contact. Nail the introduction, and you’ll have the confidence to sail through the rest of the conversation.

This video from Easy Languages’s Super Easy French series covers the different ways to introduce yourself either formally or informally in French. Note the difference between “vous” and “toi,” and remember that the formal “vous” would be used for meeting someone in the professional workplace, or someone in a position of authority, while “toi” would be used to address someone in a more casual social environment, or when addressing children or inferiors. Important verbs to know for these introductions are: “habiter” (to live), “venir” (to come), “être” (to be), and “s’appeler” (to call oneself).


Now that the introductions are out of the way, it’s time to get to the fun part — having a real conversation in French.