How to Style Short Hair According to a French Hairstylist

There are few things more freeing and terrifying than chopping all your hair off. But when you finally go for that iconic French bob, it’s supposed to be easy, breezy, beautiful, right?

Not always the case. If you’ve had long hair your whole life, learning how to cut and style yourself with a shorter ‘do can be a real challenge. Which is why Estee Lauder Global Beauty Director and Second Coming of Our Style Goals, Violette, made this video starring French hairstylist Laurent Philippon as the master of les cheveux courts. Laurent takes the newly-cropped Alicia in his skillful be-scissored hands and shows her how to cut, dry, and style short hair into something chic and effortless (well, at least in appearance).


For those of you watching thinking, this is cool, but I’m not quite ready to go that short, check out this video where Laurent uses Violette’s medium-length hair to do an easy “French wave” look that you can try at home.