Learn French With These Christmas Emojis

Maybe you’re a recent expat spending your first Christmas in France. Maybe you’re chatting over Skype to wish your French friend a joyeux Noël. Maybe you’re a French teacher looking for new ways to connect with your ever-distracted millennial students.

Whatever your reasons, you need to brush up on your Christmas vocab fast. In this Learn French With Alexa video, Alexa uses the most relatable of all learning tools: emojis. They may mean the same thing in every country, but they are definitely not spoken the same way — that is, if people actually talk about emojis in real life.

So check out this video to get yourself ready and set for the holidays, both over text and IRL. Decorate le sapin, build un bonhomme de neige, and most importantly: don’t forget to leave un biscuit for Père Noël, and un verre de champagne for yourself!