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[Sponsored article] The CIDEF (International Center for French Studies), which is affiliated with the Faculty of Humanities at the Catholic University of the West in Angers, France, was established in 1947. Since then, it has set up partnerships with over 180 universities around the world and provides instruction in French language and culture to Francophiles.

An International School

Located at the heart of the campus of the Catholic University of the West in Angers, in the midst of the Loire Valley, CIDEF welcomes 1,500 international students from 80+ countries each year.

Elias, an American student, came to Angers to learn French in 2022: “CIDEF is an immersion program that truly puts French at the forefront for all types of learners. Being able to choose specific courses that meet my needs really helped me in my French studies.”

CIDEF has become a key institution on the West Coast of France and is also the perfect school to obtain a B2 level in French.. Yali, a Chinese student, wanted to deepen her knowledge of French language and culture before embarking on a Master’s degree in Communication at the Catholic University of the West in Angers: “At CIDEF, I received high-quality French courses that greatly improved my French and my way of thinking. The rich and interesting activities allowed me to easily live and integrate into French life, and in my studies!”

An Immersive Program

To help students learn more about French culture, CIDEF also provides the chance to dine or stay with host families in Angers. Excursions and cultural activities supervised by French locals are offered in the region, in Anjou, and in the northwest of France. Destinations include: Mont Saint-Michel, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Brittany coast…

In addition to its important historical past, CIDEF places great importance on maintaining its standards of excellence. It is recognized with the FLE Quality Label and recently obtained the “Bienvenue en France” Label, a true qualitative recognition for the hospitable reception of international students.

CIDEF is located in Angers, a city where a third of the residents are students, with numerous UNESCO World Heritage monuments. In January 2022, Angers was ranked “best city to live” in France, and it ranks in the top 10 for student cities. The Catholic University of the West, established in 1875, welcomes 12,500 students annually. Located in a park 5 minutes from the city center of Angers, the campus offers an exceptional living and studying environment.

If you are a Francophile, then learn more about CIDEF here!

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