Lady Gaga Sings in the Streets of Paris

Pop star and singer Lady Gaga may not be as outrageously over the top with her outfits and music as she used to be, but as she stood on the streets of Paris, singing her latest hit “Joanne” with some of her Parisian fans, it was obvious she’s still as eccentric as she ever was.

Wearing a warm coat paired with a ridiculous pair of 10 inch (or more???) black shiny heels, Gaga picked up a guitar and led a little sing along with some of her most devoted fans.

Gaga is known for being loyal to her fans, who she calls her “Little Monsters,” so it makes sense that she would take some breaks from preparing to perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Paris in order to wander the streets and greet fans.

And of course, her Parisian outfits have been out of this world fabulous, and not just for the crazy shoes. On her way to a rehearsal for the VS fashion show, Gaga was spotted wearing a crazy blue furry coat. But honestly, what else would we expect from her?

Watch Lady Gaga singing with her Parisian fans:


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