Knife Attack in Paris Suburbs Kills Two, ISIS Claims Responsibility

Another tragedy in France today as three women were attacked in the Paris suburb of Trappes.

The 36-year-old attacker Kamel Salhi stabbed and killed his mother and sister before assaulting a witness, who was injured but has so far survived. Law enforcement chased and killed Salhi, who had hidden in a nearby home. Police suspect that a domestic dispute might have been the cause of the incident, but others are singing a different song. ISIS, the Islamic terrorist organization responsible for numerous terrorist attack in France over the last few years, has claimed that the attacker was actually carrying out a terrorist act per ISIS’s demands.


Salhi was already on France’s “S File” system, essentially a terrorist watch list, but the limited and very local scope of the stabbing leaves the situation ambiguous for the moment. Police forces are waiting for counterterrorism officials to weigh in before they make a definitive statement.