This Kid On France’s Got Talent Just Won Our Hearts

A new season of France’s Got Talent, or as they say, La France A Un Incroyable Talent, has begun and already there are some stars rising. Among  all the amazing dancers and singers came Simon, a cute French kid who can’t really wink, but won our hearts over with his cheeky jokes and successful magic tricks.

First of all, this kid has got some incredible confidence. He strutted on stage with the brightest smile, a spring in hist step and a cute little dance. Next, he flirted with all of the judges, giving a jaunty little wink after introducing himself and adding, “Je suis…. célibataire” (meaning “I’m single”).


And then, he did a magic trick, with some jokes thrown in here and there, and basically made all of the judges crack up and get heart eyes at the same time. It was pretty freaking adorable.

Watch Simon’s performance: