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Julien Barbagallo Drops New Album

Julien Barbagallo isn’t just the cool French drummer for the Australian psychedelic rock band Tame Impala. Among his many side projects, the French musician just dropped a new album in October, titled “Grand Chien.”

“Grand Chien” is Barbagallo’s second studio album, his first, called Amor de Lonh, was released in 2014. Before dropping his new album on October 28th, Barbagallo released the single “Obliez-moi” which immediately gained the attention of Tame Impala fans, as well as indie music lovers, for it’s unique sound and its accompanying music video, which shows the curly-haired drummer on a journey through nature.

Who knew a drummer could write such beautiful lyrics? Or so perfectly combine the upbeat feeling of French pop with the spirit of indie sound? And even though it’s only his second venture into solo work, Barbagallo is well on his way to being much more than just Tame Impala’s Frenchie drummer.

Watch Barbagallo’s music video for the song “Moitié de moi”:


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