Jeanne Damas’s Beauty Line, Reviewed

If you consider yourself any kind of fashionista, you’ve doubtless become obsessed with Parisian Insta It-Girl Jeanne Damas, whose fashion company Rouje released a makeup line last year to enormous buzz.

Time to find out just what all that buzz was about. Beauty vlogger Matilda runs through the main components of the new line, which include four lipsticks and a multi-use palette. Though the colors of the lipsticks are the same as the ones in the palette, Matilda shows you how they can be used to create different effects. The palette is perfect for creating a slightly-blurred “bitten lip” effect like Jeanne herself uses, while the lipsticks give a more saturated, polished look. The colors themselves are all named for women (Lamia, Camille, Emilie), with the number one color, the classic Parisian red, named, of course, “Jeanne.”


Finally got your hands on the Rouje collection but don’t know where to start? Learn how to use these products for a “lazy French girl” look in this Jeanne Damas makeup tutorial.