Isabelle Huppert is the French Meryl Streep

Is Isabelle Huppert the French Meryl Streep?

She certainly has the resume down. Huppert has appeared in over 100 French films and she’s been nominated 16 times for the national film award in France, the César Award (making her the most nominated actress in the history of the César Awards).


Along with that impressive acting history, Huppert has the style, glamour and poise that Meryl Streep is famous for. The only difference? Huppert has the French laissez-faire attitude which adds flair to her acting and public persona.

Her newest film, “Elle” won Huppert a Golden Globe, which she set down for a moment to talk with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show to talk about the movie, the Oscars, and her decision to usually take extremely French parts.

Watch to see this fabulous French actress in all her charming glory.