Is Cambodia Becoming France’s Florida?

The beautiful Southeast Asian nation of Cambodia has been receiving some unexpected new visitors lately.

Tucked in between the more typical travel locations of Thailand and Vietnam, Cambodia has become a hotspot for French seniors looking to live out the remainder of their days near jungles, beaches, and some of the best food in the world. Retirees like the ones in this video have begun migrating to Cambodia and opening businesses like B&Bs in order to keep some activity going and make a little money on their own terms. The draw is the exceptionally low cost of living in Cambodia, especially when considering the euro-to-riel exchange rate.


The Cambodian government also makes it very easy for wealthy foreigners to relocate, requiring almost no application process in order to live, work, or even buy property in Cambodia. This openness has resulted in a growing population of economically sound Europeans building businesses and propping up local economies throughout the country. Something that the French government in return might perhaps want to consider.