Irish People Taste Test French Food

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Common Irish foods include things like stew, soda bread, cabbage, black pudding, etc.

In other words, not terribly appetizing foods, especially when compared to the typical French menu of gourmet foods like steak tartare or coq au vin. Even more day to day foods like onion soup or baguette and ham sandwiches are delicious when made with fresh French ingredients.

Perhaps these foods are a bit too gourmet for some Irish people, who, when taste testing common French food were not only revolted at the sight of foie gras and steak tartare (which admittedly can look pretty gross) but also didn’t even seem to like the classic French dessert of tarte tatin. Doesn’t everybody like tarte tatin? Apparently not.

Even though these Irish people seem to despise some favorite French classics, it’s pretty hilarious to watch their reactions to foods that francophones know and love.

Watch the video:


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