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For more information on the equity crowdfunding campaign and to become a French Morning investor, visit the MicroVentures platform here.

French Morning is growing, and we’ve decided to call upon you, our readers, to help us.


French Morning publishes informative, engaging, and helpful content for French expats in the US. We run six local editions to best aid these expats living across the country, plus one english edition for Francophiles (Frenchly), and one French Canadian edition in Montréal (Maudits Français).

After extensive growth in readership and ad revenue (which has increased seven-fold these past five years), we’ve decided to pursue taking French Morning beyond the American border: Maudits Français launched in May; a London edition will launch this September, and other cities around the world will launch in the months and years to come. These are big steps forward in the life of a local media company.

To finance these developments, we’ve opened up capital investment to French Morning readers. Thanks to a law that went into effect last year regarding equity crowdfunding (see details below), anyone can invest in unlisted companies, startups, and other business endeavors.

Why invest in French Morning?

Of course, you’ll be supporting a local news magazine that helps French people in the US on a daily basis, and offers Francophiles informative and engaging content about all things France. But in addition to that, you’re also investing in a company during a great period of growth.

In the second trimester of 2017, the number of readers increased by 50% compared to the same 2016 period. Our revenue in the first semester of 2017 experienced a 60% growth compared to the same period in 2016. By developing internationally, we hope to accelerate our growth. We are in an excellent position to do so, thanks to a hardworking team of journalists, salespeople, marketers, and developers already in place.

French Morning has three sources of revenue:

  • Ad sales: From the French site’s address book (Carnet d’Addresse) to custom-made ad campaigns, French Morning offers a variety of diverse services to its advertisers. We’ve also launched French Morning Studio, a creative service offering clients the opportunity to tell their story in communication campaign.
  • Events:  French Morning organizes a wide variety of events. The revenue comes through sponsorships and ticket sales.
  • E-commerce: This is our most recent endeavor. “Le Marché” on Frenchly and French Morning sells French products: food, recently fashion and design, and soon books.

This diversification has ensured that French Morning is less exposed to the risks of the advertising market. The same revenue model will be applied to new editions of French Morning beyond American borders.

What is equity crowdfunding?

Not to be confused with crowdfunding (when you donate to a cause or help buy an object or service), equity crowdfunding allows people to invest in a company. The JOBSACT law of 2012, which went into effect in 2016, legalized this type of investment. The purpose was to democratize access to startup capital, formerly reserved for accredited investors (that is to say, those with an annual revenue greater than $200,000, or assets greater than $1M). Thanks to the JOBSACT law, anyone can invest in the startup ecosystem for as little as $100.

A multitude of platforms have been created since law went into effect. We chose MicroVentures, associated with the crowdfunding site, Indiegogo. MicroVentures carefully selects the investment dossiers presented on their platform, and gave its stamp of approval to the French Morning proposal.

We’re looking to raise up to $300,000, accounting for 15% of the total capital of French Morning Media Group, a holding company created for the cause. Each share is valued at $5. In addition, we’ve prepared bonus gifts for investors giving $200 or more. Possible gifts include the famous French Morning mug, the chance to become a member of the French Morning advisory board, and ad campaigns for companies or causes of your choice.

To join French Morning’s global adventure, click here.

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For more information on the equity crowdfunding campaign and to become a French Morning investor, visit the MicroVentures platform here.