Interview With French Hip Hop Duo Les Twins

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So… who are those two really cool French dancers that collaborated with Beyoncé a while back??

Oh, you mean Les Twins?

Yeah, they’re still around and cooler than ever.

That’s right, the identical twin brothers Larry and Laurent Bourgeois became famous not just because they danced with Beyoncé, but because of their unique style of hip-hop dancing which changed the hip hop universe forever. Now they’re headlining events such as World of Dance 2016 in LA and Urban Dance Performance in Zurich, teaching kids how to dance (which is frankly just adorable), and freestyling all over the world and posting it on Instagram. (Not to mention, they joined Beyoncé once again on stage at the Formation World Tour show in Paris).

Along with all of that, Les Twins have started making their own music, too. Their song “You Don’t Know Me” premiered in May and the video, with the black and white vibes and their amazing choreography, really fits Les Twins’ entire style. (There’s also truly gorgeous shots of Paris in there.)

To learn more about this awesome dance duo and what they’re up to, watch this interview (and check out their post-interview performance, too!):


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